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221B Baker Site

What is 221B Baker Site?

You probably all know Sherlock Holmes but nothing about 221B Baker Site. When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created that character he decided to refer an unreal address for his resident. Because sometimes people go after something not real and that may be a problem for real residents of that address. People loved it so much and accepted it like real. We mention here about not children but real people. So, there is Baker Street in real life but at least in Doyle’s time, there were no 221B number. Based on that address, we are inspired of Sherlock’s address. If you search, seek or wonder something especially a trend in UK, you are in right address. Write the address, relax and read as you wish.

About us, who are we actually?

Behind that good and mysterious story, of course we are all human. The founder is a world traveller but lives in Turkey. We try to produce specific content with our own vision, however we could accept contents from you even we have not done anything before yet. We travel all over the world for some reason, live in Turkey, follow everything in United Kingdom.

What is our purpose?

As a result, we aim to follow hot topics, trends and agenda in United Kingdom. Our purpose is not limited just with that but also contains to share those agenda with you as possible. However, we would be very pleasant if you share your all ideas with us via our contact page. 221B Baker Site is here, if you wonder something, just get in and consult us.

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