Bodyguard: The Most Watched BBC Drama since 2008



One of the new tv series Bodyguard has reached 11 millions views recently for its final episode. As we know with its six episodes for each season, it is look like Sherlock Holmes exactly. Jed Mercurio’s production, took good attention on BBC One screen. Final episode is 75 minutes, more than normal episode.


Drama is based on a story of a guy whose name is David and who is married, father and works as bodyguard of a woman. He is married and he has two children as a father. His duty affected his life and his marriage. As an end of that situation he is a guy lives like divorced even he has not been yet. After he spent some time as a soldier, he suddenly found himself in some terror attempt in a train. And with his intensified endevaours to get rid of that situation took appreciation. As a result of that appreciation, he promoted to police sergeant. And his new duty is to protect the minister of interior.

Till that part of story, everything looks like fit, but that’s not all. Minister Julia Montague is totally opposite character of David with her arguable ideas. We see Julia as tough, stubborn and single-minded  in political area. She fights to keep alive the values that David does not believe at all. We also see that couple’s conflict while they try to dominate each other with their opposite ideas and David’s turbulent life.


You can start the drama with some wonder and you can find yourself right in front of the TV. With a politics dosage of drama, two opposite character’s conflict and all adventures around Keeley Hawes and Richard Madden you may find even more. Consequently, Bodyguard is worth to watch. Actions scenes, directing style, acting and story is rather amazing. By the way, we see that Bodyguard is the most watched drama in BBC since 2008.


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