Privacy Policy


Who we are and our privacy policy

We are a website with name 221B Baker Site and respect always privacy. The name comes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels. While he was writing Sherlock Holmes, he referred to address 221B Baker Street as Sherlock resident. In that time, there is a street with name Baker, but it has limited numbers. So in that time, there was no any address such as 221B in Baker Street. That is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s game, he did not want to show any real resident area for Sherlock’s adventures. Based on that mysterious trick, we are using similar name. Not in the Baker Street but in internet.

We are 221B Baker Site, not actually exists, but you could always come and request information. We need to explain that our authors mostly live in Turkey, so in this case our headquarter is in Turkey. You can evaluate that situation to observe Kingdom from outside view. Hope you will be pleasant during the time you are having in our site.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Firstly, we need to say that as a website we do not demand and collect data except for your name, email address and some technical information like ip number you claim. Our website just collects those data just in case of comments, subscriptions and etc. We should note that we do not demand any sensitive information belongs to you. We do not store your any sensitive information in our database except for comments and contact forms.


We do not have any analytics or tracking system, however we need to inform you about we use google analytics, search console and trends system to see statistics. They have their own integration system we just apply in our website. In this case you can have a look Google’s policies for more information. We use those data just to understand how useful our website is and what we need to improve ourself.

Who we share your data with

As you may understand we collect a few data from comments and contact forms. But, we do not store unless it is necessary. Moreover, we imply some Google services such as analytics, search console and trends etc. We just integrate their services and we do not store anything in our database or we do not share any information. However, they may collect some information according to their policies. Those policies are compatible with standards.


As a result, we do not store any sensitive information, we do not share any personel information with anyone. We don’t want to violate any regulation, standard or law. Our first priority is our visitors satisfaction. Therefore, you could ask whenever you would like to ask your question, share any thoughts, ideas and complaints via our contact page. We appreciate your feedbacks and please do not hesitate to contact with us.