Ryanair Cancels 250 flights Due to Strike

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Europe’s biggest low-cost airline Ryanair started strike on Friday. Irland centered airline started strike after some conflicts between management and employees to demand some improvements on work conditions.

Authorities made an announcement about they can cancel approximately 600 flights accross Europe. People can suffer to travel and transportation could be disrupt.  Cancelled flights may affect almost 50 thousand passengers particularly Belgium, Portugal and Spain flights.

Ryanair Announcement

Ryanair Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs said that they were not ready to satisfy unreasonable demands which might obstruct to fly with low-costs as corporation. And he also said that they would revise their winter schedule if unnecessary strikes continued to damage their price-prior structure and customer reliance. And he stated that might cause decrease the number of aircrafts in fleet and staff also.

Ryanair management finds the strike unnecessary. On the other hand, trade unions claim that 24-hour stoppage on Friday will be the biggest strike in the Irish carrier’s economic history. The UK Civil Aviation Authority calls for compansate affected passengers during stoppage.

If you have a flight in recent times with ryanair, please check your e-mail or text messages or at least please follow the airline’s announcements in order to ensure your flight is not cancelled or delayed. Ryanair tries to reach each passenger affected from that stoppage but it is better to follow it on your own.

Previous Strikes

Ryanair is mentioned before with some strikes like that. That topic had discussed Europe Parliament in previous time. The economic turnout wave has started between Airlines in Europe with Air France. Air France pilots, cabin crew and ground handling employees started to strike step by step with 11 different trade unions to demand improvement of work conditions and 6% wage increase. After all those turnout issues, AirFrance made a statement about their 170 million Euro loss just in a week.

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